Anemometer to measure the wind speed and the wind direction

2D Ultrasonic Anemometer


In cooperation with MESA Systemtechnik GmbH we are proud to present our 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer. The new 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer is designed for simultaneous measurement of horizontal wind speed and wind direction parameters as well as the acoustic temperature, without use of any moving parts. It is equiped with the latest technology and is air-flow optimized with the help if air-flow simulation software. The result is a very precise, durable and multi-functional sensor.

Its construction features a wide range of applications in meteorology, environment protection and industrial applications, e.g. with automatic weather stations, airports, research vessels, industrial plants, mobile systems etc.

Thanks to its robust design and its optional heating, the type 4310 is suitable particularly for heavy duty tasks, such as wind energy measurement or measurement under extreme climatic conditions. Various simultaneously available outputs enable a high degree of flexibility in use.

Type 4310 measures horizontal wind speed and wind direction, resp. wind vector parameters by means of 2 orthogonally placed measuring tracks. Wind vector components x and y, as well as the acoustic temperature are determined from sonic pulses runtime measurement.

Horizontal wind speed and wind direction are calculated from these vectors. The temperature value is derived from the sonic speed and is therefore not identical with the regular dry temperature, measured by a thermometer, but comes close to the meteorological virtual temperature, considering the humidity content.

The sonic velocity depends on the air density (scalar value) and the interfering wind speed (vectorial value). By calculating the difference of runtime between way there and way back, scalar values (temperature, humidity, density) are eliminated and the result comprises wind speed, only. By calculating the addition of runtime, on the other hand, the wind speed is eliminated, so that the “acoustic” temperature can be determined. This temperature, however, also depends on the ambient air pressure and humidity. For sea level conditions, it may be assigned to the “virtual temperature” which considers the relative humidity, hereby resulting in values 1…2.5 K above those obtained from an ordinary “dry” thermometer. Basing on this principle, the wind components are measured independent from ambient air pressure, air temperature and relative humidity, while the acoustic temperature varies with these parameters. 

The calibration parameters are not influenced by aging, as there are no moving mechanical parts involved. As well, all further disadvantages from mechanically moving cup anemometers and wind vanes are avoided. Operation under ice conditions is realized by optional built- in heating devices.

  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Measuring Range Wind Speed: 0...40 m/s, 0...75 m/s, 0...85 m/s
  • Accuracy Wind Speed: v ≤ 5 m/s: ± 0.1 m/s (rms over 360°)
    v > 5 m/s: ± 1.5 % of measurement value (rms over 360°)
  • Resolution Wind Speed: 0.1 m/s or 0.01 m/s, depends on telegram type
  • Starting Threshold Wind Speed: 0.1 m/s
  • Measuring Range Wind Direction: 0...359°
  • Accuracy Wind Direction: ±0.6° RMS (at v = 8 m/s), ±1° absolute
  • Resolution Wind Direction: 1° or 0.1°, depends on telegram type
  • Measuring Range Virtual Temperature: -55...+70° C
  • Accuracy Virtual Temperature: ±0.5K (at v > 0.6m/s)
  • Resolution Virtual Temperature: 0.1K or 0.01K, depends on telegram type
  • Digital Interfaces: RS422 (full duplex) / RS485 (half duplex), selectable
    (Bus mode with 99 participants possible);
  • Analog Interface: 0...20 mA / 4...20 mA or 0...10 V / 2...10 V,
    reely selectable for Wind Speed and Wind Direction;
    Voltage: load > 1 kΩ; Current: load < 700 Ω;
    Frequency out up to 2000 Hz for wind speed
  • Baud Rates: 1200...115200 Baud, selectable
  • Formats: 8 Data, Odd, Even or No Parity, One Stop Bit
  • Update Rates (Instantaneous/Avg.): 0.000278..100 Hz (10 ms to 60 min),
    selectable for Wind Speed, Direction and Virtual Temperature
  • Output Rates: 0.0167...1000 Hz (1 ms to 60 s), selectable
  • Units : m/s, knots, kph, mph, ft/min
  • Parameters: Polar, NMEA, TEMP, see manual chapter 6
  • Status: Heating, Internal voltage error, Blocked measurement track, ΔT track deviation, plausibility
  • Internal Sample Frequency: 2000 Samples / s at +20°C
    500 measurement values / s at + 20° C
  • Operating Temperature: -40°...+70°C
    -55°...+70°C (with additional body heating)
  • Housing: Material: Stainless steel V4A
    Weight: 1.4 kg
    Protection Class: IP67
  • Qualifications: EMC DIN EN 61000-6-2:2005
    EMC DIN EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011
    Icing resistance MIL STD 810G
    Blowing sand AECTP 300
    Corrosion DIN 9227
    Vibration/Shock IEC 60068-2-64/-6/-27/-29
    Solar irradiation DIN EN 60068-2-5
    Freefall / Drop IEC 60068-2-32
  • note 4310.00002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Digital
  • note 4310.01002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Digital, with Transducer Heating
  • note 4310.02002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Digital, with Body Heating
  • note 4310.03002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Digital, with extended Body Heating
  • note 4310.10002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Analogue
  • note 4310.11002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Analogue, with Transducer Heating
  • note 4310.12002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Analogue, with Body Heating
  • note 4310.13002D Ultrasonic Anemometer Analogue, with extended Body Heating
  • note 4310.20002D Ultrasonic Anemometer CAN
  • note 4310.21002D Ultrasonic Anemometer CAN, with Transducer Heating
  • note 4310.22002D Ultrasonic Anemometer CAN, with Body Heating
  • note 4310.23002D Ultrasonic Anemometer CAN, with extended Body Heating
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2D Ultrasonic Anemometer


Very rugged, extremely precise and particularly versatile.

2D Ultrasonic Anemometer


Highest precision due to outstanding air flow properties.

2D Ultrasonic Anemometer


With the additional heating the 4310 is always ice-free
and suitable for extreme climatic conditions.

2D Ultrasonic Anemometer


Compact Design